On Being Responsible

While sitting in meditation this morning, the word of the day came to me. Responsible.

There is responsible speech. Certainly the Apostle James nailed the concept better than anyone of responsible speech. Just as the small rudder steers the big ship, the small muscle of the tongue causes more trouble than the major muscles of the back, chest, and legs combined.

Visit social media for a short while. Don’t read the meanings. Read the tone of voice. Is that the tone of Jesus you hear? Or the tone of tearing down other people? Responsible speech builds up.

We all say things we wish later we hadn’t. Some days I think I remember every time I did that when I’m feeling down. But for some people, this is a way of life.

Being responsible also means doing what you say you’ll do or doing what is expected of you.

It is your job to take out the trash. Then do it. That’s being responsible. You say you’ll have the report done by Monday. Do it. You say you’ll be there by 10. Be there by 10. That’s all being responsible.

Don’t we love being around people who are responsible in what they say and do? Maybe that’s a practice for us.

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