Safety, or Beginning Right

We have discerned a safety problem with our high school soccer referees and the schools who prepare the field of play.

Kind of like that song from The Sound of Music, “It starts at the very beginning, a very good place to start.”

You show up early for a game. You park by backing into your parking space (just in case you need a speedy exit). You check to assure your appearance is presentable. Introducing yourself to the coaches and site administrator, you then warm up by walking/jogging around the field of play making sure the goals are fastened, the flags are in place, and that there is nothing dangerous about the pitch.

If you find a problem, there is time to deal with it.

I have interviewed several CEOs of manufacturing companies. They tell me that developing a safety mindset begins at home. When they teach safety, they don’t start with watching out for fork lifts driving around. They start at home. How did you use the knife to cut fruit for breakfast? Have you used anti-slip mats in the shower? Do you fasten your safety belt in the vehicle? Do you drive safely to work? Now you are in a mindset to carry over those safe habits to the workplace.

Same for those of us working on spiritual development. Do we show up early? Do we fill our minds first thing with uplifting and educational reading? Do we take time for prayer/meditation/contemplation? Do we eat a healthy breakfast with the protein, carbs, and fats to start our body with energy for the day?

Spirit, mind, body. They all work together in a healthy, spiritually developing human. Starting right gets us on the right path for the day.

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