Grow in Charity

Psychologists are all over mindfulness meditation right now. Dozens of apps have sprung up like spring mushrooms on our smart phones.

Indeed, an intentional practice of once or twice daily meditation will (not just can) change your outlook and personality.

Thomas Merton says, “If well made, my meditation will bear fruit in an increase of fortitude in patience. My patience will help me to endure trials in such a way that my soul will be purified of many imperfections and obstacles to grace. I will learn to know better the sources of anger in myself. I will then grow in charity, and since charity is the source of supernatural merit, I will merit a higher degree of union with God in heaven. Also, of course, I will be a more charitable and virtuous person here on earth.”

I can testify to the accuracy of Merton’s observation. This is all true about the intentional practice of meditation. You, too, can change your life. And grow in charity, also known as love.

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