Some things must be believed to be seen.

I’ve seen this thought attributed to several people. Although it seems counter-intuitive, it is true. Think about people you’ve known who have missed witnessing experiences due to lack of faith that they could happen.

Thomas Merton teaches the power of meditation is generated not by reasoning but by faith.

When I sit in the morning, I am not reasoning out some hypothetical proposition. No, I have a faith that there exists the creative force that “spoke the word” which generated this universe and all that populates it. The English word we use to call that is God. Other languages have their own words for the same being.

In meditation, my hope is to get a glimpse of this force and perhaps experience a unity with God.

Before meditation, or maybe even through the physical practices we engage to prepare, we try to find peace, tranquility, and balance. Regulating breathing helps. Perhaps a few Yoga poses designed for balance and inward peace.

Often to get ourselves into this state, we must work through our “psychological” problems as all ancient masters have taught. Setting aside or overcoming our fear, anger, pride, jealousy, and the like in order that we will have a clear path to God.

We do it because we have faith we can experience God and be transformed.

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