Savoring and Absorbing the Word of God

Thomas Merton (Spiritual Direction & Meditation) speaks of meditating on Scripture–particularly the Psalms of the Hebrew Scriptures–and savoring and absorbing them.

This takes time. Even more time than the scholar or student picking up a commentary and dictionary and parsing through the words and grammar.

It involves reading a text many times. Then pausing. And reflecting. And reflecting upon your reflections.

One must not hurry through this process. This attitude is unlike that attitude of the young person recently graduated from university landing that first position who asks, “Will I be able to interview for CEO next year?”

To savor something means taking the time to enjoy each nuance of flavor as it turns over in the mouth.

To absorb means allowing time for the molecules to break down such that they can pass through the membrane and enter into the body.

Today is a holiday in the US. Traditionally this holiday is the transition day from the leisure of summer to the new working or school period of autumn. That makes it an excellent day to pause, savor and absorb the good things gleaned from this unusual year and look forward to a new season.

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