Be Kind

Be Kind.

Certainly the word of the year–or the word that we need to practice in a year of emotions pent up and then released by the unnatural order of things given the pandemic.

It’s the sort of release of tension certainly America has witnessed many times in its history. And the world has seen many times in the history of humans walking the earth.

Can you be kind when posting on social media? I’ve tried, and I think I’ve failed. How difficult it is to even try being kind on media.

I’m socially awkward. Even in speech I don’t always come across with the attitude I think I have.

How about you? Have you tried?

First, we must be kind to ourselves. It is really hard to be kind to others when we have not searched ourselves and forgiven ourselves and sought forgiveness.

Be kind to others. Small acts of service are always much appreciated. Referring to others as human beings rather than objectifying others as groups. I hear “the blacks” or “the French” or “the poor” or “the gays”. Remember all are humans and children of God. Kindness toward others begins with an attitude of non-violence and non-hatred and non-fear within us.

Be kind to nature. Treat the land and the plants and creatures upon it as creation of God and respect it as such. It is part of a deep attitude of kindness.

Be kind…

To Yourself,

To Others,

To the World.

Make that our spiritual practice for the remainder of this difficult year.

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