Do What Is Just

Not what you can justify.

Humans are unique in the development of a prefrontal cortex in the brain. That is the “thinking” region. We can and have developed logical thinking. That reasoning and thinking ability have enabled us as a species to adapt, grow, and thrive.

And also at times look at our situation and wonder how we’ve survived.

But also, it is a powerful tool of delusion.

“I didn’t start that fight; I was only responding.”

“It wasn’t my fault. [The devil] (or Ahmad, or Susie, or Josh…) made me do it.”

“I did that because [our tribe] are always being picked on.”

We can that justifying our actions and thoughts. Not the theological version of justification where God’s grace treats us “just as if” we had not sinned.

No, this justification attempts to explain away our sin by ignoring the underlying motives and denying our role in a situation.

When we do what is just, we don’t have to worry about justification.

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