God’s Will

Meister Eckhart said, We deafen God day and night with our words, “Lord, thy will be done.” But then when God’s will does happen, we are furious and don’t like it a bit. When our will becomes God’s will, that is certainly good; but how much better it would be if God’s will were to become our will.

Sometimes we use that phrase “thy will be done” as a way out just in case the things we ask for in prayer don’t happen. Jesus taught us to pray with intention. Don’t be weak in prayer. Be strong. Of course, sometimes the things we hope for don’t happen. That’s life.

Sometimes we aren’t sure what our next step is. Should we change jobs? Attend another church? Join a study group? Marry that person?

We ask God for guidance. What is your will, God?

Then we fail to listen for the answer. And our choice doesn’t work out. And we know whom to blame…and it’s not ourselves.

Or, perhaps we get an answer. But it isn’t the answer we were hoping for. It’s the hard path, not the easy one.

But when our spirit aligns with God’s and we are living the with-God life, as Eckhart taught, that would be much better.

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