I am sitting on the patio in the early morning sun looking at one of the more futile acts of discipline.

The new brood of Canada geese is now old enough to fly. A great noise of honking geese interrupted the morning calm. I looked toward the pond. The parents in the flock have begun teaching the young how to fly in formation—the famous V shape designed for migration over long distances.

The futility is that theses are “suburban” geese. They will never leave the area. They probably will not fly more than 10 miles in their lives.

Futility is learning something never to be used to empower your own life or benefit others. Pointless and useless as the dictionary tells us.

Unless your spiritual disciplines are bringing you deeper into the spirit and outward into service of what good are they.

  • You don’t read the Bible just to say you’ve read the daily quota
  • You don’t pray just to say you’ve prayed
  • You don’t meditate just to tick off a point on your to-do list

You practice these things and more because they will change your life. People won’t notice that you’ve completed the day’s list. They will notice over time that you have changed into a new you.

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