Kindle the Fire of the Spirit

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled. — Plutarch

Education does not consist alone of filling a mind with facts. That path leads nowhere.

You can read your scriptures as much as you want, study words and discuss nuances of translating from original languages to modern. You can memorize dates and places.

You will not meet God.

Let alone walk the path with-God in the spirit.

Some have described the feeling like a fire within. Not the fire of anger and wrath. The fire of spreading warmth and passion. A passion for God and for justice, mercy, and grace.

Reading and study can help nurture the fire. But the spark that ignites the kindling which ignites life and creativity and imagination—that spark springs from stillness.

Only when we are still and empty our mind of its useless chatter and prejudices is it ready to be filled with the fire of the spirit.

In the beginning, God spoke and the universe was created. In our stillness, God speaks and we only then can hear. And start the fire.

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