There Are Times to be Adaptable

It’s July 1. We’re half-way through the year.

When I sat down over the Christmas/New Years holidays and envisioned what I’d be and who I’d be this year I never saw:

  • We would have sold our house in Ohio
  • Bought a house in Illinois
  • That I’d be sitting on my patio this morning staring at a totally different landscape
  • That I would have seen almost no one other than my wife for two months of shelter-in-place (we’re still speaking)
  • That the economy would be largely shut down
  • That people were getting sick from a highly contagious virus while others ignored the peril

And yet, I kept reading, writing, and thinking. I picked up a research and analysis contract despite everything going on.

I know that a few of my evangelical friends will hate the reference, but Darwin after his studies of the lives of various species of animals noted that only the species that are adaptable to their changing surroundings survive.

We have to know what is our unshakable core and where we need to adapt to changing realities. As ancient mystics taught, “Wherever I go, there I am.”

I am still “here”, but I have gone elsewhere. How about you? How have you adapted to changing surroundings? And, how will you adapt when the virus passes and we have new surroundings? It’s an important question.

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