Use Power Lightly

He who has great power should use it lightly.—Proverb of the Seneca Native American tribe.

In the Hebrew scripture in the Psalms, we read, “[God] adorns the humble with victory.”

Or in the Hebrew Proverbs, we read, “but to the humble he shows favor” and “but wisdom is with the humble.”

The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius possessed absolute power yet he exercised it with restraint and humility.

How hard it is for most of us to practice the spiritual discipline of humility. Our pursuit of fame or to be noticed in media or social media captures our soul.

Do accomplish some great service and point to others for the notice seems not a natural urge.

When we have power—whether as parent or executive or politician—can we show restraint and humility?

If we can practice this, then wisdom is with us.

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