After The Holiday

I have to admit that I’m not much of a holiday person. Oh, I’ve got the “big three” in America—Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July. I try to remember birthdays. For 30 years, Memorial Day meant a soccer tournament. But I think soccer is over for me, now.

But even those, what about the day over. I remember even as a child the day after Christmas. We’d opened the presents. Had the usual disappointments. And it was over.

I grew disillusioned about the power of protests to change anything. There were some very good changes resulting from the civil rights and anti-war protests of the 60s, but not enough. And much was soon forgotten.

Then we had these protests erupt. And globally. Societies worldwide began to face their racist pasts. Suddenly the holiday Juneteenth was highlighted and explained in most media. People and companies made pious statements and promises.

But that was so last week. What about this week? Have we forgotten already? What will we do this week to keep the spirit of Jesus’ command to love one another alive?

Today, I point you to a podcast that I wish you’d take time to listen to. Seth Godin is worth listening to every week. But last week he linked to a reading of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail. It is thoughtful, yet passionate. Logical, yet emotional. And persuasive.

Please listen to this episode of Akimbo. Thank you.

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