Making Things Better

Energy and attitude comprise the basic foundation of our personality. Energy is the basic life force that we can either give or take (from others). Attitude implies orientation. A direction we are about to take.

We can have energy to give, but if we don’t know where to take it then it dissipates into nothing. Our attitude can be that of making things better, or we can hoard energy and do nothing with an attitude pointed inward.

Reading Seth Godin recently, he noted, “Making things better isn’t about what you look like or where you work. Making things better is an attitude. The attitude of possibility and the posture of generosity. And then making the decision to own your learning.”

It’s also not about where you are. Wherever you find yourself, you can be the person who makes things better.

Things may not always look good. But take Seth’s advice, “Don’t ever stop speaking up, don’t stop leading, don’t stop learning. Don’t stop seeking justice. We can’t give up.”

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