Repressed Anger Hurts Yourself and Others

Ancient wisdom teaches us to recognize our hurtful emotions—those that keep us from God—and then to overcome them.

Repressing emotions lead them to manifest in many ways not healthful to the body, the soul, the community.

Anger has many fathers. Often it is born of fear.

When there are two groups of people and each fear the other. And when each repress the fear and anger, the body and soul are injured.

And when something happens to unleash the anger, no one can predict the course of the river of violence. And the hurt and pain and suffering.

The time to deal with the problem is before the eruption. Before the spouse erupts and causes harm to the other; the parent to the child; the mobs to the community.

There has been no effective political leadership for 50 years. The Christian church has had zero effect.

Somewhere there must be an “intervention” to help people deal with and overcome fear leading to anger leading to violence only to settle back into uneasy repressed emotions waiting for yet another spark to set off another explosion.

I guess that means starting with me…and each of you individually.

“Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow,” sang Pete Seeger.

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