Criticism Comes So Naturally

“You criticize people while they are alive, and pray for them when they’re dead.” Line from a TV show, Midsomer Murders, during a conversation between two elderly sisters. One has a bit more experience with the world; the other completely old-school religious.

It is so easy to criticize. For some it’s an integral part of their personality type. For the rest it’s a way to make ourselves feel more superior, more correct.

School starts us off ranking us into the good and the bad (students, but also behavior). Many religions sort us between the sheep and the goats. And we are to be the superior sheep rather than the goats consigned to hell.

There are people who, without thinking, react to almost everything said to them critically.

This is learned behavior that can be changed. It’s probably a coping mechanism learned in childhood to survive whatever dysfunction affected them in the family. It can be unlearned with new habits.

Awareness helps. When we are aware of how we react to others, we can set ourselves a cue when we feel the urge toward criticism.

Somehow this reminded me of something Linus (a character in the comic strip Peanuts) said. “I love humanity. It’s people I can’t stand.”

No matter what lofty ideals we may have, it is in the world of individual people that our true selves manifest.

Maybe we pause before hitting send on the next social media post. Consider if it is merely a critical reaction we’re sending into the wild, or if it is an uplifting thought or story helpful in its intent. Maybe we just delete.

2 Responses to “Criticism Comes So Naturally”

  1. Creative Journey of Kris and Aileen Says:

    This is a good entry. Worth a read 🙂 Thanks for following our blog too.

  2. Creative Journey of Kris and Aileen Says:

    This is a good entry and worth a read. 🙂 Thanks for following our blog too, Gary.

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