Applying Balance to Living

I have been thinking more about balance.

You take actions to balance the brain chemicals as I discussed.

Physical balance increases in importance as we age. Falling and breaking bones is a danger to us all, but especially if you’re over 80. You can practice any of a dozen Yoga poses.

Especially in the Western world, we can be overly rational. But sometimes overly emotional. Music is highly mathematical, however it also touches the soul if you let it. Try slowing down to listen to classical or jazz which exhibits both sides.

In India there is a practice called Ayurveda the practice of which aims to achieve balance. There are, for example, six tastes—sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. If you are out of balance, say anxious or lethargic or scatter-brained, then you can study which tastes in the food you eat will counter that state and bring you back into balance.

Speaking of food, balance every day carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Your body needs some of each. Be careful of your sources for each—eat real food, not too much.

Balance what enters your mind. Read for learning; then, read for enjoyment (although for me learning is enjoyment, but I like murder mysteries, too).

Balance social media with no social media. Perhaps you jump in for up to 15 minutes a day to search what’s happening with a select group of friends who bring you joy and avoid the crap. I mute everyone who simply reposts political memes begun in Russia, and just search out photos of life and updates from family and friends. Although I do use Twitter for business.

Exercise…and rest.

Be with people…and take time alone.

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