Be Firm In Your Disciplines

Ancient teaching on discipleship warns us not to be “double-minded”.

The Greek means “of two minds” and is usually taken to mean don’t waver in your decisions and understanding.

I take it in one usage to mean that if I interpret one part of the New Testament in a certain way, then I must interpret all of it in that way. If, for example, I think that homosexuality is an unforgivable sin for others, then I must also take to heart the teaching on divorce and remarriage as it applies to me.

Or, maybe the other way around. It’s a discipline of understanding.

When we pray to God, do not pray and then waver saying, well if it doesn’t happen, it must be your will. So I ask for something but perhaps don’t really expect it. I waver in my request.

Perhaps in these days of being sequestered, I have adopted certain disciplines of regular hours, nutrition, exercise, reading, communicating. But I blow them off regularly. Not the little “cheats” of an unhealthy snack occasionally or cutting the workout short today. No, I say I have adopted the disciplines, yet do not do them.

It’s an extension of Jesus’ teaching of “Let your yes be yes and your no be no.” We are two months into sequestering to prevent or retard the spread of the virus. It does work, just not instantaneously. Now, when we are tempted to drop our disciplines is just when we need them the most.

Eat well, get outside, say Hi to someone. None of us want to get sick. Take care.

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