Be Aware of What Is Filling Your Mind

When my wife was teaching, I often encouraged her to teach the kids on how to read the advertising and marketing messages that inundated their little minds with awareness of the attempts to influence desires.

A publicist recently sent a book for me to review. The purported message of the text was how to become an entrepreneur and get to incomes upwards of $1 million per year. The text beneath the text was—join my program, help me (the author) reach that million-dollars-a-year club, and perhaps you will be like these 15 other people who work fewer than 3-hours-per-day and have incomes at that level.

How many people will be aware of the subtle text within the overt text?

Evidently many in the world think Americans are the most gullible people on God’s green Earth given the number of sources of totally contrived messages that have a scent of reality posted on social media for people to pass around to their “friends” in order to stir up emotions.

Writers on the world of the spirit have known for many thousands of years about the temptations of filling the mind with worry, suspicion, fear, cynicism. And they’ve known about the types of people who promote that thinking for their own gain.

And we know that a better life, the Apostle Paul called it life with the fruit of the spirit, is there for the taking by filling our minds with these higher things.

Especially in these days of Coronavirus quarantine where fear can spread so quickly nurtured on by writers and politicians whose livelihood and power grow out of those fears, we need to be acutely aware of what feeds and fills our minds. Think on these higher things is an ancient—and modern—valuable teaching.

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