Don’t Let What You Think Prevent Right Actions

I ran across some videos of one of those motivational guys. You know the type. Could be either gender. They get on stage or in front of a camera. They are filled to overflowing with energy. They try to motivate the audience to open up and drink in some of that energy.

And almost every time, two weeks later nothing has changed in the individual lives of the attendees.

You cannot be blindly optimistic and survive. Nor do those who fill their mind with every thought of what can go wrong, the perpetually negative people.

You fill your mind with solid foundations of spiritual wisdom grounded in observation of reality. Jesus said to think on these things. Paul said to think on these things. Every spiritual person I’ve ever read tell how they filled their minds with the things of God.

But the more I studied and read, the deeper I came to this realization. I learned it at 21 and learn it again every day.

Life is not about stopping at that point. You can’t stop at knowing what that motivational guru speaker said.

If you fill your mind with everything wrong in the world, you’ll not do anything.

The point of filling your mind with the spirit every day is to be able to go out and meet life’s challenges and do the right actions. Meditation and experiencing God just lays the foundation. It is meaningless without taking that new awareness into the world to teach, serve, mentor, guide.

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