Just a Spoonful of Sugar

Staying the course to achieve physical and spiritual health is one of the hardest disciplines.

Mary Poppins may have suggested just a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down. We seem to need spoonfuls.

Starting and ending a “diet” to lose weight is so prevalent as to be mythic. The discipline to daily follow a healthful routine that reduces weight as a by-product of healthy living is difficult.

You become infected and the doctor prescribes an antibiotic. Be sure, they warn you, to take the entire dose. Every last pill. But you feel so good after the first two doses that you stop taking the medicine. And you are not cured.

“I need to start praying,” you tell yourself. And you begin…today.

And tomorrow? Well, you never established a special chair for breathing, meditating, praying every day. Soon, it’s all forgotten.

Doing the necessary work of perseverance is not easy. However, it is essential for physical and spiritual well-being.

Either way, begin with a breath. Now…slowly inhale until you cannot hold any more air. Pause. Now…slowly exhale through the mouth for twice the time it took to inhale. Feel better already?

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