Effects of Staying at Home All Day Every Day

My wife and I are sitting at dinner the other evening when she suddenly blurts, “I wonder if there will be a spike in babies born in nine months. Or divorces.”

Since I can list several reasons why there won’t be a new baby in the household in December, was this a hint about my behavior getting on her nerves?

With no Internet (promised for today) and cable TV, we are getting desperate. Last night we watched an episode (one of many) of I Love Lucy from 1952. Long-time best friends, the Ricardos and the Mertzes wind up suing each other and appearing in court over an incident fired by stress and misunderstanding.

I’m positive that stress and misunderstanding are approaching the high-level alarm status in many, if not most, households. Not only babies created from proximity and boredom and divorces from stress, but also domestic violence.

I saw news from China about a spike in divorces. There was more news from America about a spike in calls to domestic violence hotlines.

Now is not a time to let friends, relatives, and acquaintances isolate themselves. Reaching out to communicate just to chat is a good thing. Little acts of kindness and service are greatly appreciated. They could make a difference.

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