Coronavirus—Concern But Don’t Panic

I opened today’s emails and had received notice from Hannover, Germany that the world’s largest manufacturing trade show has been postponed from April to July. The largest mobile technology show—Mobile World Congress—in Barcelona, Spain cancelled last month. Many companies are cancelling or postponing conferences and face-to-face meetings.

Then there is disruption of the world’s supply chain for manufacturing. Businesses will be starved for parts before long. This causes the emotional trading in the stock and bond markets to drive prices down.

Yes, we have yet another spreading virus—Coronavirus which causes a disease called COVID-19. We’re not sure what its effects are, so we panic.

I go to sources that have built trust with me for many years and seek advice. I’m passing this along, not as a doctor (which I am not), but as an informed layperson.

You can try buying a mask, but most likely it will not help you. In Japan, where the wearing of masks started, it is the sick people who wear them to prevent spreading colds and flu and the like.

Best is washing your hands—often. And avoid touching your face in between times.

Then, you can avoid people who are sick. Remember that, so far, flu is killing many more people than COVID-19.

If you are sick—PLEASE STAY HOME. And if you have kids, don’t send them to school.

Maintain your own good health and immune system. Fresh garlic shows good results. Keep your vitamin D3 up. Some mushrooms help the immune system (but consult with a medical person for your own unique situation since some can interfere with medicines or other conditions)—trying perhaps Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake, oyster mushrooms.

Maintain a level head. Don’t stress—which lowers your resistance. The stock market is down. It’ll recover in the long term.

Consider reducing travel for the next month or so. (Says the guy who recently returned from Germany.)

Maintaining your body and mind are a part of overall spiritual discipline. Here’s to your good health.

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