Do Your Own Thinking

There was a popular writer on Biblical topics in the early 70s. I read his brief polemic on the future. While there were parts that didn’t ring true, especially his predictions of future political events given my background studying international politics, he wove a great story.

So I picked up a more serious study of a New Testament letter. Now the alarm bells in my mind rang more loudly. I pulled out a New Testament and read along with him. It seems that he made his own translation from the Greek in order to fit his theology. I thought for a while pondering where he was going. Then I sat the book aside and never read another thing by him…or his friends.

On the Internet, it began with passing email “chain letters” around. This habit quickly morphed onto Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. People would see a headline that “jerked their chains” and in a state of heightened emotion for the moment, they would pass it along.

People wishing to manipulate others, quickly found fertile soil—the type of soil Jesus talked about where seeds grow and multiply. Except it was not Jesus’ message propagating. Instead messages of fear, anxiety, yes, even hate, spread quickly among those open to manipulation.

Don’t be one of those. I’m sure we all get caught sometimes. Pausing to think through things for ourselves can save much grief—preventing family arguments, saving our own mental health, instead promoting peace, justice, forgiveness.

Don’t be that guy. Do your own thinking.

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