We Must Keep Growing

My reading today came together around the theme of growth.

The notes on a book on leadership I read a couple of months ago, Reboot, pointed out from the writer’s bitter experience that a leader’s failure to grow leads directly to failure as a leader.

From the book I just finished, Surfaces and Essences, the great mathematician Henri Poincare said of Albert Einstein what was most admired was Einstein’s ability to take in new ideas, consider them, and then incorporate them into another place in a wholly creative way.

God teaches us when we observe nature that that which ceases to grow begins to die.

The problem when we take personality profile we can think it is a static score. The Myers-Briggs gives you a type. We can think we are locked in to that type. (As in, I am an FJ, so I can’t grow and be open to new ideas.)

If one does the Enneagram correctly, it becomes a pathway to growth. We look at the positive side and the ways in which that personality has negative connotations. Then we work to become more integrated.

At any rate, if we are getting older and still holding on to our 10-year-old’s view of the world and faith, then our discipline is lacking. Study, prayer, and meditation will help us grow up.

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