Wisdom—Being and Doing

There are four types of people revealed in the Hebrew book of Proverbs. There are the simple, the scorner, the fool, and the wise.

The simple live the unexamined life. Maybe they could be taught.

The scorner knows it all, is sometimes evil, might as well be ignored. Stay away from them.

The fool thinks he knows it all, but knows nothing. Teaching is wasted on them. We see this type often. But they don’t know it.

The wise are always learning. They are open to God’s leading.

But, sometimes people who have wisdom are not aware of how much they have. They are asleep. They must be awakened.

Some people know all the wisdom sayings, maybe even write them, but living wisely escapes them. Example–Solomon, who reputedly wrote that book of Proverbs, yet he lived unwisely and failed to bring up his son properly. That son caused the kingdom to split. So, even though seemingly wise, Solomon and his son exemplify fools in their lives.

Blessed is the person who knows wisdom and strives to practice it with every breath. I think that the story of Jesus and the scribe in discussion in the Temple during Jesus’ last week shows this. The scribe knew all the right answers and Jesus evidently perceived in his soul the longing to do right. Jesus told him he was not far from the kingdom of God.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb wrote a section in his book Skin in the Game entitled Intellectuals are Idiots. That is his typical blunt hyperbole. But haven’t we all met people who memorize well and perceive and live poorly?

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