Won’t You Be My Friend?

Mr. Rogers was after my time. But I enjoyed how every movement and word he shared had a meaning. And there was his phrase.

In the times when Jesus lived people everywhere had a longing for spiritual meaning. There were different cultures and attitudes, but the feeling of a hole in their life that needed to be filled had spread throughout the Mediterranean region.

And Jesus popped into the scene. He told people there was a God, and God desired to be in relationship and fill that spiritual hole. And heal people of their anxieties, illnesses, drifting through life.

He told people it was OK to relate to God. He said we should love one another and by doing so we were getting closer to God. In his way, he asked, “Won’t you be my friend?”

An amazing number of people spreading from the epicenter of Palestine even to Rome on one side and India on the other bought into the message and experienced changed lives.

Like Carole King sang, “Ain’t it good to know, you’ve got a friend?”

This season is when we celebrate that Jesus came. So, go celebrate.

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