I Have Feelings, I Am Not Those Feelings

Yesterday I talked a bit about Advent. That is in the Church Calendar. It’s for “Church People”.

For most of us, it is “Christmas Season.”

With the season, come rushes of emotions.

Melancholy for past experiences.

Acute feelings of loss of family members.

Repressed anger for long-simmering family issues.

Depression (not clinical, or maybe) because everyone else seems to be enjoying the season (they are probably faking it).

We must dissociate those feelings from our being as individuals. We have feelings, we are not that feeling. We can observe them. Play with them. Pause and breathe mindfully.

We’ll survive the family gatherings, the business gatherings, the gatherings of friends, too much cakes and candies, worries of buying the wrong presents.

Real people, those without some sort of happy facade, have fears, and struggles, and doubts, and then also joy, and happiness, and peace. We actually can choose once we recognize where we are.

Take a deep breath. Pause. Choose to focus on the good parts.

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