Having Skin In The Game

That means we are risking something by doing something or advising something.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb advises in his latest book, Skin in the Game: Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life, that we should beware of advice from financial planners, consultants, and others who do not have skin in the game where they are advising.

How many people do you know who profess to be Christian (or, for that matter Jewish, Muslim, or Buddhist) yet when you look at their life you cannot differentiate it from the life of a pagan or anyone else?

That is why only part of the Spiritual Disciplines address inner work.

And only part address gathering with other, like-minded souls.

Part addresses having “skin in the game”, that is, getting up off your (butt) and serving someone–or many someones.

The work need not be publicized. However, over time people will reflect “there is a person who actually acts like someone who is spiritually in tune with God”. Or, “she is a genuinely nice person”. Or, “they have skin in the game”.

Doing, not just saying, puts skin in the game.

[Oh, I don’t recommend the book unless you’re interested in the mathematics of probability or are into philosophical discussions. If you are, read The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable first.]

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