What Sort of Person Are You

What would Jesus do? A phrase popular for a time known as WWJD.

Supposedly a follower of Jesus would pause and ask herself/himself that question and then act appropriately.

The pause part of that formula would be very helpful. Would have saved me from much embarrassment over the course of my life.

But is it really about doing?

Would you (we) be described by the description of the Pharisees by Jesus–clean on the outside and filthy inside?

Meister Eckhart wrote in the 13th Century, “It is not by your actions you will be saved, but by your being. It is not by what you do, but by what you are that you will be saved.”

As a follower (disciple) of Jesus, it is not so much trying to imitate what he did. Rather, how can we actually be like Jesus. What sort of person was he? What sort of person shall I become?

I was in graduate school with a bunch of philosophers (you’re not surprised?). We spread this little joke.

To do is to be.–Aristotle

To be is to do.–Dante


The mystics and spiritual seekers tell us there is more truth in “Sinatra.”

Don’t think so much to justify yourself. Just be like Jesus.

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