She Can’t Take You Anywhere

I found out a long time ago
What a woman can do to your soul
Oh, she can’t take you anywhere
That you don’t already know how to go — The Eagles, Peaceful Easy Feelin’

Occasionally my wife comes home from one of her Bible studies with really odd questions. Someone brought up something, then the pursuit of squirrels ensued. It’s what makes a group interesting.

She hit me with another last night after dinner. I pondered the problem for a bit. I won’t get into details, because I’ll trample on the theological toes one way or another of just about all of you.

I’m not a subscriber to any of the theologies. I’m simply trying to follow Jesus. All the theological disputes of fundamentalist (evangelical) vs. Catholic vs. reformed vs. whatever are pretty much intellectual amusements to me.

So, I thought about my wife’s questions.

And I took a step back and looked from another perspective.

They started with a proposition, I told her.

From that proposition they devoted a great amount of logic to weave a path to explain the correctness of their proposition.

The trouble is, while you do that, you wind up ignoring a whole bunch of teaching in the New Testament.

That is where she had a problem–but Scripture says this in this passage. Yes, dear, it does. It is conveniently ignored by the logic of proving the proposition.

Oh, and I can’t really explain that either. Some things just seem destined to remain a mystery. I take solace from a thought of CS Lewis on that topic.

But Logic? She can’t take you anywhere that you didn’t already know how to go.

Me? I have a peaceful, easy feelin’. And I wish that to you.

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