There is a little known teaching of Jesus. Oh, it’s right there in the Gospels, not hidden at all. But in the America of the past few decades–the America of selfies and “all about me”–it became a distinct negative.


“Sell all you have and give to the poor.” I think Jesus was serious about generosity.

Yesterday I talked about happiness. Part of that happiness Thoreau discussed relates to chasing more wealth and pleasure and things. And the more you chase, the more happiness evades you.


Give some away, and the endorphins and other pleasure chemicals inside you fire.

I was recently guided to this website 50 Ways to be Ridiculously Generous through a newsletter from Tim Ferriss.

Lots of cool ideas there.

Or, try sometimes randomly paying for someone’s dinner at your favorite family restaurant. Just tell your server to send over the check.

Or, give the barista at your coffee house $20. $5 for her, and then pay for the next one or two patrons.

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