Spiritual Life Is Like a Marathon

No matter the pace, running a 5K (for me) or a marathon requires putting one foot in front of the other for some period of time plays with my mind.

I prefer sprinting with the forwards in a soccer match to even just the 25-30 minutes or whatever that it would take me to run 5K.

Life is not like that.

How many people we know who have sprinted out of the gate only to run out of energy and falter?

They were quick in school. Rushed through. Played the game. Got the M. Div. or MBA or master of whatever. Then grew no more. They think, “Here I am 26 years old and still not CEO of the company; I’m a failure.”

Sat down and began meditation. Did not reach enlightenment that first week. Quit.

Maybe physically we shun the idea of running 26 miles plus.

But spiritual life, like life in general, is not a sprint. You are in it for the long haul.

It is practicing day after day after day. Putting in the time and effort. Rewards that come too quickly are corrupting. The wise person, the superior CEO, the enlightened monk, they all put in the daily time and effort over a long period until one day came the realization.

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