Expending Energy on that which Does Not Matter

See how much this observation applies to your church, or a church that you know:

You are fond of contention and full of zeal about things which do not pertain to salvation.

Change a word, and the observation applies to the marketplace as well:

You are fond of contention and full of zeal about things which do not pertain to success.

How often have I witnessed this very thing.

Small churches have divided in acrimony over some issue that should never have been a point of contention. They forgot the goal–“go into all the world and make disciples”. The goal instead became about doctrinal points that are often akin to the splitting of hairs. Or about pride and ego. Or simply a contentious personality.

I once hired a guy despite several red flags in his past who immediately set out to divide the company and remove me so that he could become manager. He succeeded in the small thing. I, meanwhile, had seen the imminent demise of the company. Our product was old in electronics years and the anticipated market did not develop. I was moving on anyway. But still, I could have done without the drama.

That observation?

It is from Clement of Rome. He was with the Apostle Paul at Philippi. He wrote this about the very early church in the first century.

The human condition has been with us a very long time. However, recognizing the problem is the first step to correcting it and returning to the goal.

What has gotten you off target?

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