Yesterday’s contemplation centered on mission and vision. As in–having one. And remembering it. Doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple statement or description is OK. In fact, probably better than something crafted by a consultant.

That caused me to have an epiphany.

The banner with the mission statement of the church I attend suddenly disappeared from the wall. Along with everything else. I had heard that the contemporary worship team wanted to build sight barriers and eliminate all visual evidence that it is a Christian church.

That is sort of a 40-year-old theory of why younger people don’t come to church. It has been superseded by research contradicting those earlier findings.

However, they all miss the point.

Usually we should look in the mirror to discover problems of accomplishing our mission, or making the sale, or making enough profit to stay in business, or attracting more people to our worship.

Perhaps in many cases people don’t come because they don’t feel welcome and the worship team and speakers don’t connect. I’ve been in groups of several thousand where the musicians and speakers really connect with the audience. And I’ve witnessed groups of 50 where even in the intimate setting the connection is not made. It’s an Ethernet plug trying to fit into a USB port.

Same on a personal level. Some people try to force feed opinions instead of making a real connection. It’s about eye contact and listening. And empathy. Disciplines we sadly fail to practice well.

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  1. josephruizjr Says:

    Well said!!!!

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