Be In The Present Moment

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow.

God is with us in the present moment. The decision about what to read. Or how to react to another human. Or where to go. It at this moment. That is where we find God.

And there is only the moment.

Moments in the past are gone. Learn and forget.

Moments in the future have not arrived. Why worry?

What we do in this moment determines much of what will come in the future.

Give us this day our daily bread.

We pause in the moment to be fed by God. We must renew every day. And be filled every day, for we will use up the portion in service to the Creator.

And forgive us our sins.

Just as we are filled each day by the bread of God, so we ask for forgiveness for the things done and left undone that were part of our mission.

Every day is a new day. We live only in the todays. We ask to be filled with God’s spirit with the rising of the sun. We ask to be forgiven for yesterday’s shortcomings so that today we begin fresh. A new day. And there is only the present.

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