Take a Lesson from the Tiny Wren

I work and eat most meals on the patio when I’m home and the weather cooperates. I’ve been watching a pair of little House Wrens. They have chosen to build a nest here. They have a perfect collaborative division of labor.

He searches out likely homes. She chooses carefully. I watched her measure carefully, check the entrance for safety from enemies. He brings a steady supply of longer “sticks”. It is not easy putting a piece of dried grass or thin stick through a small opening into the cavity when you have no hands. Using only his beak and dexterity, he builds the nest. She finally comes back and brings soft grasses and fuzzy seed to prepare the nest for her laying.

She lays the eggs. He is not allowed in the house. But he stays just outside on a perch where he can see anything coming. And woe to the gray squirrel who decides to walk the fence close to the house. The tiny wren will attack and drive the squirrel away.

The eggs hatch and the two of them work constantly bringing small insects and caterpillars to feed the fledglings. They must grow quickly for they haven’t time for toddler and adolescent stages like humans.

It is all choreographed by centuries of experience passed through the genes.

If only we could work so diligently and collaboratively! So many of our enterprises would be accomplished to good outcome.

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