Those Silly Assumptions

It was a loud, boisterous conversation at a coffee house. Half-dozen guys. One regales the others with a story of an obnoxious neighbor. They argued over how to cut their grass. “Of course, he’s an X supporter” by way of explanation for the neighbor’s behavior.

I thought, how silly. I know X supporters who are not obnoxious. I know plenty of Y supporters who are obnoxious. Aside from politics, I know many people across the US who consider fans of a certain large football-oriented university as the most obnoxious in the country. However, I’ve met one or two who aren’t.

We impute from whom you support or how you’re dressed or what accent you have what your personality is.

There exists some percentage of humans who just can’t seem to get along with other people. Fortunately, these constitute just a minority of people.

Before imputing some negative on someone you’ve just met, I suggest a conversation. I’ve met many interesting people whom at first glance I’d have never thought it.

Most of all, don’t let politics color your perceptions. There really are plenty of good people on both sides. Church politics and office politics as well.

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