They Are Not All Out To Get You

“You’re not paranoid; everyone is out to get you.” (An old psychologist joke.)

We humans are so quick to reach conclusions about others. “Look at what that kid did to me.” Or, “I know she’s plotting revenge.” Or, “Why is he angry with me?”

It reminds me of the truth within Hanlon’s Razor: Never attribute to malice that which can easily be attributed to stupidity.

Most of the time others are not thinking of us at all. They are merely pursuing self-interest, or they are careless or unaware. We? Merely innocent bystanders or collateral damage.

Don’t feel smug. I know that when I write thoughts such as these I am swamped with flashbacks of moments when I acted or spoke with complete and utter stupidity. I’ve had so many of those moments that even the flashbacks seem like a movie trailer.

What about you? Perhaps a little grace is required.

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