When You Are Not Feeling Right

There are times when we are just not in balance. One emotion or another is driving us. We cannot settle in to what we need to do. Or we feel a vague sort of fear.

Here are five things to check that need to be in our spiritual discipline tool box.

  1. When have we last eaten?
  2. When have you last had some water to drink?
  3. Have you exercised?
  4. How much time have you just spent on tech devices?
  5. How much sleep have you been getting?

Your body needs fuel. Skipping a meal is not a good thing. Of course, eating too much leads to lethargy. But, make sure you have fuel for the day.

Dehydration leads also to lethargy. It can also lead to the hospital emergency room. A significant percentage of ER visits for supposed heart attacks turn out to be dehydration. Drink water mostly.

Get out of the chair and move. If you normally get in some morning exercise, either running or walking, and you miss it. You’re emotions will miss it as well as your body.

Don’t get up and then get lost for an hour or more first thing checking your phone or tablet for social media, email, search engines (this morning I blew 20 minutes searching for the lyrics of a song I remember from long ago for another post–can’t believe that much time passed).

I’m told that operating on six or fewer hours of sleep per night leaves your brain in the same condition as when intoxicated. Get your seven, eight, or nine hours (whatever your body and soul need) every night.

Five simple daily practices to keep your body, mind, and emotions on the right path.

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