Speech Overflows Into Attitude

Has it ever happened to you?

You are involved in a conversation about someone and they walk up in the middle of it.

Or, you discuss someone with another person and then go visit them.

How guilty do you ever feel?

Me? I always have at least a momentary sense of guilt–even if the comments were positive.

What really concerns me, though, is when I hear some people discussing a person negatively. And then they go to a meeting or dinner or reception where that person is present.

Is it possible for those negative emotions not to show?

I think that the object of discussion must feel the vibrations left over from the discussion. I don’t think attitudes can be masked. At least not for long.

That is one of among many reasons I am quite uncomfortable discussing people. I’d rather discuss ideas or writers or something where there is no right answer (like economics).

I side with James as much as is possible–watch what you say. Listen quickly, speak slowly.

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