Practicing the Presence of the Holy Spirit

Before we start laying down rules for others to follow or rules that divide people into groups we might label the good and the bad (with ourselves in the good, of course), we must first work on ourselves.

How can we insist others be shamed if we ourselves have not felt the shame of sinful thoughts and behaviors?

The celebration, or maybe just a vague remembrance, of Pentecost was last Sunday in the western Church’s calendar.

Remember Pentecost when the Spirit manifested itself in a great awakening that shook up the city of Jerusalem?

The prayer from the Emmaus movement begins, “Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful…”

When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, it doesn’t mean we go around “speaking in tongues” necessarily. Mostly it means that we have this inner guide that aids our decision-making process.

It opens us to new possibilities and opportunities. It frees us from worrying about whether we’re following every little rule.

It frees us from concern about deciding if a group of people is supposed to be hated or loved. Answer: love them all.

I contemplated on the Spirit over a period of time and was first shown all the sin that I was capable of deep inside. Then I was shown God’s grace and the fellowship of all humans.

Why do we follow the Spiritual Disciplines or Spiritual Practices? They open us to the Spirit so that we don’t have to go around always worrying about others or rules. We stay in touch with the Spirit and let it be our guide and helper.

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