Why Worry

I grew up with worry. My mom worried every day of her life as far as I could tell.

My barber from years ago who was a genealogy fanatic told me it was a German thing. All of us who had German heritage from 19th century immigration were worriers.

But it’s really just a human thing. Worry is so prevalent that Jesus had a teaching (Matt 6:34) about “why worry”.

I searched for pop songs about worry. There are several. I liked the Travelers Insurance commercial with the little dog worried about losing his special bone to the tune of Trouble by Ray Lamontagne.

I made a deliberate decision many years ago to put worry behind me. It took time and effort. Your brain will believe what you tell it. If you focus on something pleasurable or positive when some worry-causing thought pops into consciousness, then you can divert the energy.

It’s a discipline. A life-improving discipline.

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