The Work Set Before Us

The key words of Jesus’ final instructions to his followers–Make disciples of all the nations.

We have our task laid out before us. It’s not glamorous. It’s hard.

Maybe we think of the honor and glory of preaching to thousands.

Maybe we have the hubris to try to lead political movements.

But Jesus said, go and make disciples.

That means doing the hard work of one on one teaching, leading, counseling, sharing.

It means firstly looking to our own spiritual development. After all, children only lead other children into mischief. We must continuously grow in order to help others grow.

Maybe it means bringing people into a church. Those can be good institutions. But often they are gatherings of like-minded people prone to ego and constant argumentation.

Beware of ego and pride. Solomon asked for, and received, wisdom. Yet, his life was a shambles.

How many leaders have made themselves into a household name first for preaching and then for the inevitable fall when ego and pride have sunk their talons deep into the soul.

Pray to God today that he brings someone into your life for you to disciple and to teach to disciple others in turn.

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