Faith and Grace

A person meets with a priest. “Father, can I confess a sin to you?”

“You can confess to me, but I merely help you to confess to God.”

“But I just want to confess to you. I don’t believe in God.”

“That’s OK. I still just serve as an intermediary between you and God.”

“It’s OK that I don’t believe in God?”

“Wouldn’t it be worse if God didn’t believe in you?”

Part of a conversation I read.

Is faith first; or is grace? Do we need faith to confess our wrong actions and thoughts? Or maybe we practice confession as a spiritual discipline. And grace opens the door to faith.

After all, few, if any, of Jesus’s followers believed in him until after the resurrection. They had to witness God’s grace and practice spiritual discipline until the Ah Ha moment when it all came together.

We practice confession, meditation, prayer sometimes just as seekers, not as gurus. It’s like that man told Jesus, “I believe! Help me in my unbelief.”

Yes, it would be worse if God didn’t believe in us.

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