Humans Are Of One Type

A friend who comes from a south Asian religious tradition asked me why it is that there are so many types of Christians. “There are Catholics, and there are others, and they all seem to fight with one another. Why is that?”

I guess Christians just like to argue.

To outsiders, or as evangelicals love to say “non-Christians”, the arguing points are relatively minor. But what is minor to some is life-threatening, faith-shaking to others. Many times I have heard someone say that this or that sentence in the Bible is crucial to their faith. “My whole faith rests on that one thought,” they’ve said.

How sad.

Faith is so much deeper than that. Or, it can be.

But, back to humans. There are not two types–Christian and non-Christian. Or Catholic and protestant. Or light skin and dark skin. Or even male and female.

As soon as we begin to divide and argue, then our own heart will become hardened.

It’s like the song said, “Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong.”

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