Where Speculation Replaces Fact

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to converse with many people around a couple of subjects of interest to me. Each time I heard many thoughts about incidents and/or motivations about other people.

Then I would talk with the person directly referenced by the preceding conversations. Painted a completely different picture.

No one was intentionally spreading malicious gossip. But they were pretty much all wrong. Often with facts. Always with motivations.

This is not the famous “fake news” which merely means “news I don’t agree with.”

Rather it is when we replace fact with ill-formed speculation.

It’s one reason I shun national news and all TV news. I choose news sources where I can get closer to facts and further from speculation. We have far too many half-educated people who fill print and airwaves with opinion and speculation (note a popular obsession with rumors and speculations about professional athletics, for example).

If we are serious about being fully formed in our spiritual life, we learn and practice discernment. We learn to filter out extraneous fluff and get in touch with the Spirit. Then our life will improve.

One Response to “Where Speculation Replaces Fact”

  1. Leopold Ploner Says:

    Good point. Our so-called News consist way too much of opinions and speculation, rather than facts (also here in Europe)

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