Exercise Your Self-Control Muscle

So, think clearly and exercise self-control. Peter, the Apostle.

I just finished a weekend of youth soccer tournament and am preparing for a second one. Then watching a baseball tournament the following weekend.

Once again, as I have observed since calling my first baseball game as an umpire at around age 15, a few parents/coaches/bystanders who could well try applying Peter’s advice.

Not that anyone is perfect. I have the type of personality that sometimes has flashbacks of stupid things I’ve done or said where I could have exercised a bit more self-control. Well, OK, a lot more self-control. And I am embarrassed by the thought, even now 30 years later.

Exercising that self-control muscle takes time and practice and reflection. It is not just experience but reflection on experience that helps us improve.

It is a practice not unlike Yoga or Tai Chi or hitting a baseball or serving at tennis. No one nails it the first time. It takes time and effort and attention. Or did the first cake you ever baked turn out perfectly? Or the first time you flipped an omelette?

I’m only using sports as a metaphor. We need to exercise self-control with relationships, food, exercise, church, business, whatever. I’ve been observing way too much pride and ego within the Christian church lately. It’s probably always been there but just more called out lately. That falls into this broad category, too.

My practice begins now. How about you?

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