Separate Yet Connected

It was brought home to me in a dream. We humans sometimes work together, yet we are all also independent actors.

I observe politicians and business, non-profit, and religious leaders acting as if their actions only impose their will or opinions on others. There seems to be no consideration, bringing on later shock, that those other people are also independent agents who can and often do react to the situation.

Observe people. Notice how many do and say things that are only for their own desires or emotions with no regard that other people around them are affected by their behavior.

Heavy elements of narcissism are everywhere to be seen.

Consider that other people are not stupid. They will do things that amaze you, yet it is the most reasonable thing in the world to them.

Remember this as a team leader. You must forge and lead a team (singular entity) while also being sensitive to the needs and desires of each individual member of the team.

Humans will work together for the greater good when it also aligns with each individual’s self interest.

Awareness of others is a spiritual discipline worthy of intense cultivation. Tend that garden well and it will bring you much peace.

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