Mindfulness Eating

Diet–a word that scares some people and causes others great anxiety. From the Greek diaita which has connotations of a way of living.

I worked in a factory for a year while I was in college and then again for several years after. We had two 10-minute breaks for using the restroom and grabbing a snack and 30 minutes for lunch. Then we would grab a sandwich, play cards, use the restroom, and get back to our station.

I learned to eat quickly. And hardly mindfully.

When we eat mindlessly, we are distracted, hurried, reacting to stress, filling a need.

Eating mindfully, we bring intention of nourishment for our body. Our attention is on the quality of the food we eat–along with, perhaps, to the enjoyment of the company we are with. We bring an attitude of gratefulness for the food we have.

It is like our approach to life, to meditation, to study, to prayer.

Slow down. Focus. Intentionally approach what we are doing. Place our undivided attention on the task at hand. Become aware of where we are, our place, our companions.

Bringing mindfulness to eating helps us manage weight and health. Bringing mindfulness to daily life helps us manage stress and health.

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